The Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

The Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

Many people think of air mattresses as something you bring along on extended camping trips, or to make staying with friends and family more comfortable. But air mattresses have gotten significantly more comfortable, and more reliable, in recent years. So much so that many people are looking at using an air-mattress as their full-time bed.

While these mattresses may not be as pet-proof as some more classical designs, they offer superior comfort. Manufacturers are even standing by the durability of their product, rating them to last almost as long as traditional mattresses.

In this article, we'll look at two of the best air mattresses for everyday use. We'll go into detail about the most important features, what makes each mattress such a good selection, and what makes them different.

Let’s get started.

King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump


You’ll quickly forget that you’re using an air mattress sleeping on this bed. The flocked top is soft and helps fight heat transfer between you and the bed, and a built-in pillow means you can be comfortable with less bedding than ever.

  • Coil Beam Construction

One of the things that can often make air beds less comfortable than traditional mattresses is their lack of structure. When an airbed is essentially just a big vinyl balloon it acts like a balloon. It gives under pressure and creates a hollow for you to sleep in.

The problem is, that’s not very supportive.

Coil Beam construction offers a lot more structure. Inside of your mattress, the air is directed. It fills multiple chambers, which then provide greater firmness and shape. These mattresses are better for your back and neck.

King Coil’s mattresses, in particular, are supported by Chiropractors for providing good neck and back support.

  • Extra Thick Quilt Top

A quilted top may seem like an unimportant feature on a mattress, especially since they’re a common addition to traditional memory foam and coil mattresses. But, when it comes to air mattresses, quilted tops matter.

That’s because air mattresses tend to transfer heat, and cold, really well. If you’re sleeping on an air mattress in a cold room, your mattress is going to be on the cold side.

The quilted top works to help insulate you from that effect. You’ll still probably want another layer or two between you and the mattress itself. But King Koil’s quilted top goes a long way to keeping your mattress temperature-neutral and more comfortable for you.

  • Built-In Air Pump

No matter how well airproofed your mattress it, it will need the occasional refill. Fortunately, the process is easy with a built-in pump.

Simply add a little air before you go to bed any time it's needed. Most air mattresses stretch a little the first few times they're used, so you may need to add more air the first couple of days. The stretching will stop after a couple of days and you'll need the pump less often.

Being built-in makes the pump easy to use, more reliable, and means you won't need to store it on a shelf or in a closet.

  • 1 Year Warranty:

King Koil mattresses also come with a 1-year warranty, which protects you again bad seams or accidental punctures in that first year after purchase. Think of this as added peace of mind that your mattress will be with you over the long haul.

King Koil Queen Air Mattress

Unlike camping mattresses, this one is designed for long term, continuous, use.

Englander First-Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress


The air mattress market may not seem like one that requires a lot of innovation. Englander has decided to create innovative and different products anyway.

This air mattress is designed for greater structural integrity, lower weight, and better comfort from every angle. The reinforced welded seams are significantly more durable, microfiber flocking increases the durability and adds thermoregulation, while a wider base keeps your mattress steady.

  • Fast Built-In Air Pump

Englander's air pump is a higher volume and faster air pump than most air mattresses. That might not sound like much, after all, you start the pump and can do something else for the couple minutes, it takes to fully inflate a bed, right?

Well, not really. Since you need to check the air pressure occasionally until you reach the right firmness, you’ll want to watch the bed.

A faster pump that pushes more air means less time spent inflating your bed. It also means that quick refills to maintain your bed’s firmness will take less time.

  • Microfiber Flocked

The microfiber flocking on this bed comes with several advantages of a typical velvet or suede flocking. The flocking creates a softer and more comfortable surface for you to sleep on. But it can also contribute to the durability, weight, and supportiveness of your mattress.

One of microfiber’s biggest benefits is that it’s lighter. So, you can create a softer and more supportive surface without all the weight of heavier materials. This queen mattress is significantly lighter than other air mattresses the same size.

It also retains heat better than most air mattresses. We've already talked about how heat can move through your mattress and affect your sleep. This mattress is even less likely to suffer from heat transfer because microfiber holds and maintains heat better.

  • 5-Year Warranty

The warranty that comes with this mattress is a serious advantage. Many people buy air mattress beds because they are a cheaper and effective alternative, but plan on replacing them within only 1-3 years. That’s a shorter lifespan than most traditional mattresses, which just shouldn’t be the case.

Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress

Instead of a more typical 1-year warranty, Englander offers a 5-year warranty. That’s still not quite the lifespan of a traditional mattress, 7-10 years, but it’s a lot closer.

We appreciate this warranty because it means you can have a lot of confidence in the product. Whether you're saving for a better mattress, or plan to replace this bed with another just like it, Englander's 5-year warranty makes sure you'll get your money's worth.


Sleep is important. High-quality sleep leaves you so much more prepared to take on your day. It can improve your health and posture. You might even have serious health benefits just by improving your sleep.

Your mattress should make sure quality sleep comes first. Both of these mattresses do exactly that. You can change the firmness of these mattresses to perfectly suit your needs. They’re both designed to be more durable, and they both address the issue of heat transfer.

 We’re confident that these mattresses are some of the best everyday air mattresses.

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